SMS Marketing Statistics

SMS Ranks #1 Among Enterprise Businesses

SMS Marketing Statistics for Enterprise Businesses

Whoa! Here at Tatango we know SMS marketing is popular, but we had no clue it was as popular as this recent survey of enterprise businesses done by Message Systems says it is. According to the survey of enterprise business employees at the director level or higher in key departments that have a major influence in their mobile messaging efforts, 89% said they’re currently using SMS marketing, or planning to adopt SMS marketing in the next year.

Now to be fair, mobile optimized email marketing was also ranked #1, with 89% of those surveyed at enterprise businesses saying they were using or planning on using mobile optimized email marketing in the next year.

What also caught our attention about the results of this survey conducted by Harris Interactive, was that 86% of those surveyed said they were using MMS marketing, or plan on using MMS marketing in the next year. That’s pretty impressive for MMS marketing, as we here at Tatango still consider MMS marketing for businesses a new mobile messaging strategy.

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