SMS Marketing Statistics

SMS Promotions Drive 26% Redemption Rates

At Tatango we knew SMS promotions packed a punch, but a May 2012 survey from Placecast proves it has knockout power.  The survey found that 26% of consumers that have received SMS promotions have attributed their in-store purchase back to the SMS promotion.
SMS Promotions Statistics

Not only does SMS promotions drive 26% of recipients in store to purchase, but 32% of recipients attribute their visit to the store back to the SMS advertisement.  As an added bonus, SMS promotions drive 21% of recipients to recommend the store to others.

With these types of statistics, what business wouldn’t want to use SMS promotions to increase purchases, visits, and recommendations?  Give Tatango a call at (888) 517-6345 and let us help you figure out how to run your very own successful SMS promotion.

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