SMS Marketing Best Practices

SMS Promotion Before and After

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Here at Tatango we receive a lot of text messages promotions each day, as we’ve opted in to many of our customers’ SMS campaigns over the years. We just received a SMS promotion from a restaurant & lounge, and we couldn’t resist pointing out a few things that could improve their SMS marketing campaign.

SMS Promotion Before:

“All draft beer only $2 on Wednesday, Karaoke starts at 9pm come sing & get a chance to win dinner for 2. Show your server this txt for $2 drafts”

SMS Campaign Tweaks:

* Communicate a clear, primary call to action in the SMS promotion (subscribers should be able to redeem the text without coupon questions)

* Reinforce the exclusivity of your SMS promotion (make it known that no one else has access to your mobile coupons)

* Abbreviate appropriately (typical shortened words work, ambiguous chat language does not)

* Respect time sensitivity (promote the day of the special, not days before)

SMS Promotion After:

“Draft beer is only $2 all day today – simply show this text! Karaoke starts at 9pm, so come sing and enjoy the bang for your buck!”


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