Size Does Matter… in SMS Marketing

You know why SMS messages are limited to 160 characters? One guy, Friedhelm Hillebrand said so. To read more about his story and the birth of SMS, you can read this interesting article in the L.A. Times. To respect Mr. Hillebrand’s wishes, we here at Tatango only allow our clients to send 160 characters in their SMS marketing messages.

Also, we know that restricting our clients to 160 characters, is best for our clients and their SMS marketing campaigns. Why? If you send more than 160 characters, your message will be separated into two different SMS messages. Being a consumer and receiving two SMS messages is not only annoying, but all of the SMS marketing messages that I’ve seen over 160 characters could have easily be condensed.

Take for example Chick-fil-A in Triangle Town Center, who used another SMS marketing provider, allowing them to send more than 160 characters, then breaking up the text message into multiple messages. You can see their message on the left below. With a little tweaking, I was able to take their SMS message of 178 characters down to 157 characters. On the right you will see I not only reduced character count, but I was also able to add much needed elements that belong in the perfect SMS marketing campaign [Video Lesson].

Chick-fil-A SMS Marketing Advertisement

Do you need help fitting your marketing message into 160 characters? Send us your message and we can work our magic as we did above with Chik-fil-A to fit everything into 160 characters.


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