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SMS Marketing Showdown: Dressbarn vs. Lane Bryant

We’re at it again! In the latest SMS marketing showdown, we compare two women’s clothing retail brands, Dressbarn and Lane Bryant. Both brands are active in the SMS marketing space. On average, Dressbarn sends a text alert every 1.7 days, and Lane Bryant sends one every 2.9 days. If you’re not familiar with our showdowns, we take two similar brands and compare their text message programs. To compile our text message examples and statistics, we use SMS Archives. SMS Archives is the first and only search engine for SMS marketing, with over 1,700 SMS marketing examples across more than 280 brands.

Dressbarn vs. Lane Bryant: Similarities

Before we check out what these two clothing retail brands do differently, let’s examine what their text messages have in common.

Similarity #1: Both Brands Send Exclusive SMS Offers

Exclusive SMS offers are a great way to keep subscribers engaged with your SMS marketing program. In the examples above, both Dressbarn and Lane Bryant send their subscribers exclusive SMS offers. The language that each brand uses to communicate the exclusive offer is a little different, but they both emphasize that the offer in the message is exclusive to the recipients. Lane Bryant’s message says, “Exclusive: $15 OFF only for our text friends.” Dressbarn’s says, “Here are your exclusive coupons!”

Similarity #2: They Both Promote Specific Brand Deals

Using SMS messages to promote product lines, promotions, and new arrivals is a great way to generate attention for new products. In the example above, Lane Bryant sent a text alert to subscribers promoting the arrival of the new Cool Bliss Bra. Similarly, Dressbarn sent a text message promoting various brands, even offering a coupon code for an additional discount. These retailers both understand the power of using an SMS program to promote a new product. Depending on the size of their SMS subscriber list, a brand can push out a mass text message promoting a new product and generate a significant amount of attention.

Similarity #3: Both Brands Primarily Send SMS Messages

Another thing Dressbarn and Lane Bryant have in common is that they both primarily send SMS messages. SMS messages consist of 160 characters, with no additional images or media. According to SMS Archives, Dressbarn uses SMS messaging 99 percent of the time, while Lane Bryant uses SMS messaging 98 percent of the time. The alternative to SMS messages is MMS messages, which enable brands to dress up (pun intended) their messages with videos, images, gifs, and more.

Dressbarn vs. Lane Bryant: Differences

Now that we’ve seen some of the similarities between DressBarn and Lane Bryant’s text message marketing, let’s check out a few of their differences.

Difference #1: One Brand Includes Link Previews, The Other Doesn’t

As you can see above, Dressbarn’s messages include a link preview, while Lane Bryant’s messages don’t. Instead of displaying a plain URL link, a link preview lets a brand give subscribers a visual preview of the website. Especially within an SMS message, a preview can be the visual detail that compels a subscriber to click through to the offer or the website. Check out these 12 Best SMS Marketing Messages with Link Previews.

Difference #2: One Brand Sends Text Coupons, The Other Sends Links

Another difference between Dressbarn and Lane Bryant is how each brand sends coupons. In the example above, Dressbarn includes a discount code directly within the message: “30% Off Sitewide with code TAKE30.” However, Lane Bryant subscribers have to click the link in the message to redeem their special code on the website. While Lane Bryant’s message is more cumbersome because the subscriber has to take additional steps, it’s more engaging. Dressbarn’s subscribers don’t need to click through to a website to redeem the offer. Instead, they can refer to the SMS message on their phone to see the coupon code.

Difference #3: The Two Brands Use Different Tone and Language

The third difference between Dressbarn and Lane Bryant is in the tone and language they each use. Dressbarn uses engaging language to entice subscribers to click through to their offer, while Lane Bryant takes a more personal approach. In the example above, Dressbarn’s message opens with, “Dressbarn: It’s a flash sale!” Lane Bryant’s opening line poses the question, “How does BOGO 75% off sound?” Although Lane Bryant sent that message to thousands of subscribers, it sounds a little more personal. Asking a question and integrating the deal can increase engagement.

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