SMS Marketing Redemption Rates VS Email Marketing

SMS Marketing Redemption Rates VS Email Marketing

Here at Tatango we always get asked how SMS marketing compares to email marketing, and more specifically how SMS marketing redemption rates compare to email marketing redemption rates. We have some good news, as a recent Forrester report was able to shed a little light on the topic. The report cited that Jack-in-the-Box SMS marketing redemption rates were 3-4 times higher than that of their email marketing redemption rates.

Why are SMS marketing redemption rates so higher when compared to email marketing redemption rates? Let me explain…

First, do your customers open your promotions. The average retail open rate for email marketing is only 22.54%, where the average open rate for SMS marketing is 99%. That means right off the bat, your SMS marketing promotion is 4 times more likely to be seen by your customers when compared to your email marketing promotion.

Second, is that email marketing only has a 2.95% click-through rate for retailers. The average retail SMS marketing click-through rate is 36%.

When you combine the high open rates & click-through rates of SMS marketing, you can start to see why SMS marketing for brands like Jack-in-the-Box has a 3-4 times higher redemption rate than their email marketing efforts.

Oh, did we also mention that 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received on the mobile phone? Yea, email doesn’t even stand a chance when it comes to SMS marketing redemption rates.

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