SMS Marketing QR Code #Fail – RadioShack

This week I received the following RadioShack flyer in the mail. Usually I throw these things away (sorry, I mean recycle), but this one caught my eye. Look in the bottom right hand corner, see the QR code?

RadioShack SMS Marketing Campaign

Upon further inspection, do you see their SMS call to action, Text SAVE to 74225. While I’m not a big fan of spelling of a short code, I was still excited to see RadioShack using SMS marketing to connect with their customers.

RadioShack SMS Campaign with QR Code

When I texted SAVE to 74225, I got the following SMS message back to my mobile phone.

Text SAVE to 74225 for RadioShack SMS Coupons

Next I tried opting into their SMS marketing campaign by using the QR code scanner on my mobile phone.

Radioshack Mobile Signup

What? A mobile website? Doesn’t RadioShack know they can create a QR code that can trigger an opt-in to an SMS campaign? In a couple minutes I was able to re-create their QR code to trigger an SMS. Try it out below, see how much easier that is?

RadioShack SMS Campaign with QR Code 2

Don’t be like RadioShack, learn how to make a QR code for your own SMS marketing campaign, it’s simple and free.


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