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SMS Marketing News Roundup: Sept 5 – Sept 11

SMS Marketing News Roundup: Aug 29 – Sept 4
A weekly roundup from September 5th to September 11th of the most important articles from all around the world that have a direct impact on SMS marketing, and a couple that are just awesome!


Industry News:

Marblehead Chamber launches mobile text marketing service
The Marblehead Chamber of Commerce noted that it is keeping up with the latest technology, most recently launching a mobile website, which can be accessed through any smartphone via direct Internet browser or QR code (Quick Response Code). Now, the Chamber said it has taken things one step further by launching a mobile text message marketing service for its members and interested parties.

What’s next for Mobile Adult Entertainment?
This is already an established business model of course and has already made huge waves in mobile, achieving an ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) of more than $50 per month, blowing away other digital adult entertainment figures and with top users on our platforms spending over 100k a year!

Report: Cell phone use by prisoners on the rise
Over the last three years, the number of contraband cell phones seized in federal prisons and minimum-security facilities has quadrupled, according to a report issued by the General Accountability Office.

FordDirect Teams with Hipcricket to Launch New Text Service for Vehicle Shoppers
On Wednesday, FordDirect – a joint marketing venture between Ford Motor Company and its franchised dealers – announced a new mobile service that lets shoppers receive what Ford is calling “prompt, targeted information” about Ford vehicles by simply sending a text message from their mobile device.

One in Ten Users Redeem Mobile Coupons
A new report out from eMarketer indicates continued uptick in the popularity of mobile coupons, indicating that one in ten mobile users redeem coupons via their mobile device.


Tatango News:

SMS Spam Costs Your Customers Money
It seems like daily I get asked the question, “With email marketing I can import a list of customers, why can’t I with SMS marketing?” There are a bunch of reasons, like it’s a violation of the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), you can be sued for a lot of money and that by doing so you are violating MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) and wireless carrier guidelines.

Group SMS VS Text Message Marketing – Tatango University
At the heart of any SMS marketing campaign is the SMS keyword and short code. SMS keywords are unique to each SMS campaign, while each SMS short code is unique to a specific SMS marketing platform like Tatango.

Tatango Customer Spotlight: Scott Brown
We used SMS marketing as one of our primary ways to reach our supporters, volunteers and team members. With over 98% of text messages being read, we leveraged this to promote events, drum up support and most importantly, GOTV (Get Out The Vote).

QR Codes Explained by Common Craft
A few months ago we sat down with our good friend Lee LeFever from Common Craft, the company behind the extremely popular Twitter in Plain English video, to help them explain what the heck a QR code is.

9 Mind-Blowing Text Messaging Infographics
We’ve seen some pretty cool text message infographics, even created some of our own, but there has never been one place to view all of them at once. Well Tatango has come to the rescue and aggregated the 9 most mind-blowing text messaging infographics all in one place. Welcome to that place. Enjoy!

Tatango Now Supports Cricket Wireless
Good news for everyone that uses Cricket Wireless, Tatango has just recently added this wireless provider to its list of supported carriers. For those of you that have never heard about Cricket Wireless, they are the ninth largest wireless communications service provider in the United States, with 5.85 million subscribers.

SMS Marketing for Multiple Locations – Tatango University
Are you a business with multiple locations interested in SMS marketing? One of the most common mistakes made by businesses with multiple locations is that they setup separate SMS campaigns for each location. This week, Derek discusses three reasons why this is never a good idea for any business with multiple locations.


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