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SMS Marketing News Roundup: October 1-7

Weekly SMS Marketing News Roundup - September 10 - September 16

A weekly roundup from October 1st to October 7th of the most important articles from all around the world that have a direct impact on text message marketing, and a couple that are just awesome!


SMS Marketing Industry News:

Mobility Announces Two-Year Agreement with Cleveland Cavaliers and the Cavalier Operating Company
Mobivity is excited to announce that they have entered into a two-year partnership with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Lake Erie Monsters, Canton Charge, Cleveland Gladiators, and Quicken Loan Arena.

A Phone Home: NY Teens Pay Valet to Stores Devices
Thousands of New York City teenagers who can’t bring their cellphones to school pay a dollar a day to leave their device in a privately operated truck parked near their school. The expense can add up to $180 a year but most students say it’s worth it.

Responding to Mobile Marketing Texts –  What’s the Most P0pular Method?
Our recently released survey, that asked over 1300 consumers what they thought about receiving mobile marketing texts from companies, threw out a few nuggets that marketers might like to pick up on. One of the mobile marketing truths revealed was on the subject of how people would prefer to respond to texts. The results were as follows.

Tips for Broadcasters: How (and why!) to Build the Perfect Mobile Database
For today’s broadcasters, revenues are directly tied to one key metric – tune ins, or the number of listeners and viewer who tune in every day.  The more tune-ins a station has, the higher the station’s revenue potential.  But with all the changes in consumer behavior from the rise of the Internet, social networks and now the ever connected mobile phones, along with the limitless news sources, the challenge of keeping and building loyal listeners and viewers continues to challenge even the largest broadcasters.

U May B Entitled 2 a £250,000 Fine
There can be few people in the mobile marketing community whose heart doesn’t sink every time they receive another spam text message on their mobile.So it’s great to be able to report that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is set to issue two monetary penalties totalling well over £250,000 to two illegal marketers who have been responsible for distributing millions of spam texts.

The Perils of Texting While Parenting
Is high-tech gadgetry diminishing the ability of adults to give proper supervision to very young children? Faced with an unending litany of newly proclaimed threats to their kids, harried parents might well roll their eyes at this suggestion. But many emergency-room doctors are worried: They see the growing use of hand-held electronic devices as a plausible explanation for the surprising reversal of a long slide in injury rates for young children.


Tatango SMS Marketing News:

Tatango Increases Bulk SMS Messaging Speed 
We’re excited today to announce that they’ve finished and deployed the new messaging infrastructure and bulk SMS messages are now 40 times faster than before.


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