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SMS Marketing News Roundup: May 21 – May 27

Weekly SMS Marketing News Roundup

A weekly roundup from May 21st to May 27th of the most important articles from all around the world that have a direct impact on text message marketing, and a couple that are just awesome!


SMS Marketing Industry News:

I LOVE Tatango
Came across Tatango and it blew all the other providers I tested out of the water. By far the easiest website to use, it only took a couple minutes to setup and I had a customer support person chat me within seconds.

Meet the Oven You Can Text
By texting commands such as ‘baking oven on’, customers can have their AGA – which takes up to an hour to reach temperature – ready and waiting when they arrive home.

Mobile Marketing Rising Sharply in 2012, But Challenges Stunt Growth
Mobile marketing programs and budgets are projected to increase in 2012, but 37% of businesses report that a lack of strategy inhibits their adopting mobile marketing, and 22% cite a lack of resources.

24pc of MMS views come from iPhone devices: Mogreet
Mogreet’s semi-annual mobile marketing analytics report looked at trends that the company has seen on its platform over the past six months. Although iPhones do consume the most MMS content, Samsung devices are close on its tail.

CTIA Wireless Industry Indices Report: Now Available
Since 1985, CTIA has conducted an in-depth analysis of industry wide data drawn from member and non-member wireless service providers. This data reflects the results for companies serving 95% of wireless subscribers as of December 31, 2011.

New Study Highlights Growth in mCommerce
All told, the growth of mobile shopping shows no signs of slowing down. Almost half (44%) of the smartphone owners surveyed said that they would use their devices to browse more in the coming months, with one third (31%) claiming that they would then go on to make a purchase.

45 Per Cent of Businesses Marketing on Mobile
Only 45 per cent of businesses are currently using mobile as a marketing channel, according to research from digital marketing solutions provider StrongMail – and only 27 per cent are leveraging mobile messaging.

Self magazine SMS-based diet program a win among users
Conde Nast’s Self magazine launched its SMS-based diet program last year and is seeing more than 80 percent of users say the initiative is helping them stay on track with their diet and fitness regimen.


Tatango SMS Marketing News:

New Wireless Carriers Added to Tatango
Today we’re excited at Tatango to announce that we’ve got the green light to send text messages to 10 new wireless carriers. While these wireless carriers only represent 40,000 subscribers in the United States, it’s good to know that nearly everyone can receive text messages from Tatango.

The Benefits of Texting [INFOGRAPHIC]
Over time, text messaging has earned a bad rap with experts saying it ruins social interactions, writing skills, and expression — not to mention it contributes to dangerous behaviors, like texting while driving. In the infographic below are a handful of benefits regarding text messaging that should help outweigh the negatives.

Consumers Receive up to $675 in Lithia Motors SMS Spam Lawsuit
We just got word that a $2.5 million text message spam settlement has been reached between consumers and Lithia Motors, the nation’s ninth-largest car dealer.  The settlement is awaiting final approval by U.S. District Court Judge Richard Jones.


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