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SMS Marketing News Roundup: Aug 29 – Sept 4

SMS Marketing News Roundup: Aug 29 – Sept 4
A weekly roundup from August 29th to September 4th of the most important articles from all around the world that have a direct impact on SMS marketing, and a couple that are just awesome!


Industry News:

Is Talking Out? Time Chatting On Phone Down 77 Minutes In 2 Years
According to new data from J.D. Power, a consumer research and marketing company, Americans are now talking on their cellphones over an hour less per month than in 2009.

How Not to Display a Mobile Barcode
In their current print advertising campaign, Jakks Pacific, the parent company of Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, shows us how not to display a QR Code.

Big Money For SMS-Based Social Media: India’s SMS GupShup Takes $10 Million
One funding round announced today highlights the opportunities that still exist in more simple data services: SMS GupShup, which operates SMS-based social networking platform in India—a country with 900 million mobile devices but only nine million smartphones in use—today announced that it received $10 million in funding.

HenryGill’s QR Fails In The Wild Blue Yonder
How was I supposed to scan a QR code while 30,000 feet above the ground? Even if my phone were on (and in ‘airplane’ mode) how would I possibly connect to whatever destination the QR would take me? Sigh.

40 Percent of U.S. Mobile Users Own Smartphones
Forty percent of mobile consumers over 18 in the U.S. now have smartphones, according to July 2011 data from Nielsen. Android is the most popular operating system, with 40 percent of mobile consumers reporting they have a smartphone with an Android OS. Apple’s iOS is in second place, with 28 percent.

The DriveMode App from AT&T Helps to Curb Texting While Driving
Download the DriveMode mobile application from AT&T. This app sends an auto-reply text message whenever it is enabled and is designed to eliminate texting behind the wheel. Learn about the features included in the DriveMode app


Tatango News:

Nascar Hit With SMS Spam Lawsuit
The plaintiff is seeking up to $1,500 in damages for each violation (text message) of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Attorneys for the plaintiff think damages will be over $5 million with the amount of Sprint customers that received this text message.

SMS Marketing Keywords and Short Codes -Tatango University
At the heart of any SMS marketing campaign is the SMS keyword and short code. SMS keywords are unique to each SMS campaign, while each SMS short code is unique to a specific SMS marketing platform like Tatango.

The Perfect SMS Campaign – Tatango University
We thought setting up and learning how to use Tatango was going to be a full-day process. We were completely wrong. It took a few minutes to set up our text messaging campaign. That was it, we were ready to go. Even when it came time to send our first text message, it took less than a minute as everything was so intuitive.

SMS Marketing Statistics
This text message marketing survey asked 500 U.S. consumers about their experience with text message marketing. To elaborate on the data within the infographic, we’ve included the graphs of the text message marketing statistics below. Hopefully, this will help shed some light onto who in the U.S. is opting into text message marketing campaigns.

Tatango Newsletter – September 2011
Did you receive our monthly Tatango SMS Marketing Newsletter today? If you didn’t you can view the web version here. In this month’s newsletter, we discuss the launch of Tatango University, the results from our SMS marketing survey, and look at how Edgartown used Tatango during Hurricane Irene this past weekend.

SMS Marketing Best Practices For Advertising – Tatango University
When advertising any SMS marketing campaign, a business needs to be aware of industry best practices. These SMS marketing best practices are established by the mobile phone carriers, the Mobile Marketing Association and the CTIA.

Edgartown Braves Hurricane Irene With Tatango
This weekend Edgartown really put their town’s text message alerts system (powered by Tatango) to the test. As Hurricane Irene moved up the East Coast, the town’s SMS subscribers quickly tripled overnight with residents being instructed to text ALERT to 68398 on the Edgartown website and in The Martha Vineyard’s Times.

Best Practices for Alcohol and SMS Marketing – Tatango University
Are you a business that may be advertising alcohol in your SMS marketing campaigns? Before you send your first SMS campaign, this is a must watch segment to make sure your business is following the best practices put in place by the Mobile Marketing Association.


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