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SMS Marketing News Roundup: Aug 22 – Aug 28

Weekly SMS Marketing News Roundup
A weekly roundup from August 22nd to August 28th of the most important articles from all around the world that have a direct impact on SMS marketing, and a couple that are just awesome!


Industry News:

Mobile Risks And Rewards In The Eye Of The Storm
For a concept that didn’t really exist a decade ago, we’ve certainly come to take mobile applications and access to the Internet for granted. As the eastern half of the U.S. settles in for a hurricane-soaked weekend at the conclusion of a week that has already included an earthquake, it’s worth a look at both the challenges and opportunities that exist for mobile technologies in times of crisis.

The Cardinals Text Chat presented by U.S. Cellular powered by Vibes
Ever wanted to ask Kyle McClellan about his least favorite city to play in? Or ask Skip Schumaker about his favorite athlete growing up? Or General Manager, John Mozeliak, about what keeps him up at night? Now you can! U.S. Cellular presents the Cardinals Text Chat.

Free QR Code Generator Isn’t Just Black and White
It offers a range of designs for different background colors and textures, rotation, rounded corners and more. The simple, intuitive interface allows users to select either a URL (website), SMS text message, or vCard. When finished, simply save the image to your computer.

Discover Digital Arabia: Middle East Internet usage in numbers
N2V, one of the largest Internet holding companies in the Middle East, just launched a brand new site aiming to bring together all statistics relating to Internet, mobile and social media usage, and more, in the region. The new site, Discover Digital Arabia makes it easier than ever to understand how the Middle East is using modern technology, and how it differs from country to country.

Women in Wireless, with 1,000 members at launch, seeks to become market force
Women in Wireless is the latest organization to help put women on the map in a mobile world that is rapidly changing the way marketers target and communicate with increasingly demanding and tech-savvy consumers.

Clorox taps SMS to drive engagement for school grant program
Clorox is using a variety of strategic initiatives such as SMS to drive engagement for its Power a Bright Future program. The Power A Bright Future Grant Program leverages Skype in the classroom. Additionally, the company is using SMS to let users vote for their favorite school program.

Mobiles ‘Mean We Work More Hours’
The survey, which questioned 3,100 mobile workers across the globe, found that 38 per cent of mobile workers work before their commute, 25 per cent work during their commute, 37 per cent work during lunch, and 37 per cent work at night on every day. More than half (55 per cent) reported that they work at least 10 more hours as a result of “mobile workshifting”.


Tatango News:

Where Are You Guilty of Text Messaging?
Here at Tatango we love trying to make sense of what makes text messaging so popular. Check back on our SMS marketing blog in a few weeks to see the results from this survey.

Express QR Code Fail
One size doesn’t fit all, especially in mobile marketing. This week I received a catalog from clothing store Express, with a big QR code on the back cover. What caught my eye was “Standard messaging & data rates may apply” below the QR code.

The Perfect SMS Campaign – Tatango University
One of the most important aspects of SMS marketing is making sure that each and every SMS campaign you send to your customers is formatted correctly. By formatting your SMS campaign correctly, you will be able to maximize the results from your SMS marketing campaign.

SMS Marketing: Free Beginner’s Guide
The people behind Tatango are some of the foremost experts on SMS marketing, yet up until now their knowledge has been kept confidential. Luckily for you, we’ve been able to extract this knowledge and produce an easy to read beginner’s guide. This 9-page PDF will take you through the 3 most important aspects of an SMS marketing campaign.

MediaPost’s Mobile Insider Summit
Instead of making the trip to Lake Tahoe this year for MediaPost’s Mobile Insider Summit, I watched the event from my pajamas live on Ustream. Don’t you love technology!

SMS Marketing Infographic
In July, the team at Tatango surveyed 500 U.S. consumers and asked them about their experience with SMS marketing. With a little bit of magic, we packaged all the results of our survey into the following SMS Marketing Infographic. Thanks to Grant Landram for designing the infographic.


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