SMS Marketing Examples

SMS Marketing In Times Square

When it comes to promoting your SMS marketing campaign, there’s no better place than in the middle of New York City’s Times Square. Reader’s Digest knows this, so when it came time to advertise their SMS marketing campaign, they did so on a billboard in Times Square.

The billboard is below, and instructs people to text “ReadUp” to 51684 on their mobile phone for a free digital issue of Reader’s Digest.

SMS Marketing in Times Square

When people text the SMS keyword “ReadUp”, to the SMS short code 51684, they’re sent an SMS auto-reply, which you can see below. This SMS auto-reply links the person to a mobile website, where they can get their free digital issue of Reader’s Digest.

SMS Marketing Message

This SMS marketing campaign is a great example of a brand using Smart Keywords, as both “ReadUp” without a space, and “Read Up” with a space are recognized, and trigger the SMS auto-reply. With 9% of consumers putting a space between two words used in an SMS keyword, it’s essential that your SMS provider utilizes Smart Keywords to make sure everyone can participate in your SMS marketing campaign.

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