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SMS Marketing Case Study: Macy’s Department Store

Macy’s is one of the most well-known department store chains in the U.S. and internationally, so it only makes sense that it uses SMS marketing to reach its consumers. After all, text message marketing is one of the most popular marketing channels, returning a 99 percent open rate, far more than social media or even email marketing. In this blog post, we analyze several of Macy’s SMS marketing examples to see which images, copy, and strategies the company uses. For more text message marketing examples and ideas, check out SMS Archives—the search engine for SMS marketing examples.


Macy’s SMS Marketing Examples

As you’ll see below, Macy’s messaging, delivered up to twice per week, is mostly aimed at flash sales or exclusive deals, as is standard for most retailers and stores. You can sign up for “Backstage Promo Alerts” via the Macy’s website or at the checkout counter.


Macy’s Text Message Marketing Example 1

The example above highlights Macy’s standard messaging: a sale based on a holiday like the 4th of July. In this case, the text message opens with a clear identifying tag and immediately describes the deal. Macy’s describes who the deal is for, why it’s happening, and how long it lasts. All the information is right up front, which increases the chances of it being visible in the first lines of the message preview on most phones.

This text message contains two links, one for the retail website in general and one specific to the promotion. These links make the process easier for consumers to make purchases, and give Macy’s the right data to track the campaign and product of interest.


Macy’s Text Message Marketing Example 2

This example is different. Here, Macy’s mentions the COVID-19 pandemic and related demand for masks to announce a new partnership. This strategy accomplishes several things: it demonstrates social responsibility, sets up future potential partnerships for later deals, and opens the door for Macy’s to promote its line of masks for retail purchase. All these elements aim to present Macy’s as an appealing store choice and trusted partner during the pandemic.


Macy’s Text Message Marketing Example 3

Macy’s does a “Black Friday in July” event every year featuring widespread sales, free shipping, and more. Naturally, Macy’s promotes this yearly event via SMS marketing. Note that in the message in this example, Macy’s uses a short link custom to its brand name: mcys.co. This recognizable short link helps the text message recipient know that it’s coming from a trusted source, so there’s less risk in clicking on it. Macy’s provides an extra incentive for purchase—free shipping—to get consumers to take action right away.


Macy’s and TCPA Compliance

Macy’s has an entire dedicated page for its Backstage Alerts program, which details the opt-in process, the types and frequency of messaging that consumers can expect, the opt-out commands, and much more. Its “consent is not a requirement of purchase” disclaimer is clearly visible, as are the messaging and data rates disclaimers. Macy’s goes above and beyond in its level of detail, giving consumers a few text messaging FAQs and a list of wireless carriers that its short code works with.


Getting Started with SMS Marketing

If you’d like to see more case studies like this, or if you have any SMS marketing, MMS marketing, or RCS marketing questions, check out our text message marketing resources. And if you’re interested in starting your own SMS marketing campaigns, give us a call today.

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