SMS Marketing Best Practices

SMS Campaign Templates

We created the following guide to help you get started with your SMS campaign. While these templates are a good place to start, feel free to customize them or use your own to best fit your specific business. Download SMS campaign templates here.


Save-More SMS Campaign

  • Show this text for  ___ off  _____________________  . EXP _/__
  • Show this text for 20% off any hamburger combo meal. EXP 3/25

Spend-More SMS Campaign

  • Show this text for __________  when you spend more than ___________. EXP _/__
  • Show this text for a $5 gift card when you spend more than $25 on lunch. EXP 3/25


Buy-More SMS Campaign

  • Show this text for ________________________   when you purchase __________________________________.  EXP _/__
  • Show this text for $1 off a regular size milkshake when you purchase any hamburger and fry combo on the menu. EXP 3/25

Get-More SMS Campaign

  • Show this text for ___ free _________ when you purchase  __. EXP _/__
  • Show this text for one free hamburger when you purchase two. EXP 3/25

Customize Your Promotion SMS Campaign

If you would like to customize your mobile promotion and make it a little more specific, you can add the following after “Show this text”.

  • to the server…
  • to the cashier…
  • to the ticket counter…
  • to the bartender…
  • text to the door person…

Or direct customers to a website or phone number by replacing “Show this text” with the following.

  • Visit www.__________.com…
  • Call ___-___-____ and mention this text…

Coupon Codes

If your business needs to have a coupon code for each SMS campaign, simply insert “Coupon Code:____” at the end of any of the templates.


Example: Coupon Code: X4YD


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