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SMS Broadcast Interface Gets Upgraded

If you’re a Tatango user, next time you login you’ll notice that we’ve made some significant upgrades to your SMS broadcast interface, including a brand new dashboard to monitor all of your most important campaign metrics. We even added a cool new activity feed on the dashboard that lets you know the most recent activity for your campaign, including new subscribers, unsubscribes, and even messages sent.

Tatango SMS Broadcast Interface Screenshot

Another big change that you will notice in the new SMS broadcast interface is the placement of the navigation. We’ve scraped the old vertical side-navigation, replacing it with a horizontal top-navigation bar, and by doing so we’re able to display more data about your campaign above the fold, requiring less scrolling.

You’ll also notice that there isn’t as many options when it comes to the new top-navigation bar, or more the case that we were able to simplify the options. We were able to combine the old “Send Message” and “Sent Messages” pages into one page under “Messaging”, which makes much more sense as it’s always a good idea to look at the results of your previously sent messages to help you compose new messages.

As always with any new changes, there may be some confusion, but the entire Tatango team is available to help guide you through the new SMS broadcast interface. Have a question, just give us a ring at (206) 274-6599 or send us an email.

Tatango SMS Broadcast Navigation

We’d love to also hear from you about the new SMS broadcast interface, so let us know your feedback in the comments below.


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