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SMS Autoresponder Advertising Template – Free Download

Are you interested in using an SMS autoresponder? Maybe you want to allow the ability for consumers to easily download your app like ShopKick has done, request more information on a credit card offer like Lowe’s has done, or download a specific mobile coupon like Julep has done, it’s important that you advertise it correctly to consumers.

How can you make sure that you’re advertising your SMS autoresponder correctly to customers? We like to keep things at Tatango simple, so it’s for that reason that we created a free SMS autoresponder advertising template, which you can use when creating your SMS autoresponder advertisement.

You can download the SMS autoresponder advertising template here, to ensure that your SMS autoresponder campaign will be fully in compliance with the most recent CTIA & TCPA updates.

If you ever have questions about SMS marketing, or more specifically SMS autoresponders, please don’t hesitate to contact the SMS marketing experts at Tatango.

Below is an example of one of the five templates you get when you download the free set of SMS autoresponder templates.

SMS Autoresponder Advertising Template

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