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SMS Advertising Ideas – Utilizing Customer Receipts

Are you looking for SMS advertising ideas? If so, we’ve got something special for you today, as we wanted to introduce you to the receipt. More importantly though, we wanted to show you how you can use receipts as yet another place to advertise your SMS marketing campaign to customers.

Below are six different brands using their receipts to advertise their SMS campaign to customers, which hopefully will give you some SMS advertising ideas for your own campaign.

Tower Grill Receipt

SMS Advertising Ideas - Tower Grill Receipt

Lunds and Byerlys Receipt

SMS Advertising Ideas - Lunds and Byerlys Receipt

Taco Bell Receipt

SMS Advertising Ideas - Taco Bell Receipt

Smashclub Receipt

SMS Advertising Ideas - Smashclub Receipt

Ace Hardware Receipt

SMS Advertising Ideas - Ace Hardware Receipt

Chipotle Receipt

SMS Advertising Ideas - Chipotle Receipt

Looking for more SMS advertising ideas? Check out this blog post on how Ace Hardware is using in-store SMS advertising to encourage customers to opt-in. Hopefully with the receipts above, and the Ace Hardware post, you’ll now have a bunch of SMS advertising ideas that you can use for your own campaign.

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