SMS Marketing Statistics

Smartphone Text Message Marketing Statistics

We found an interesting study by Prosper Mobile Insights that had a wealth of information about smartphone usage. We used some of their information for our recent infographic on where smartphones are being used, but there was so much more information in the study that related to text message marketing that we wanted to share.Embedded below are the most important pieces of information from the study that pertain to text message marketing. I’ve also pulled some of the more interesting text message marketing statistics from the images below that you can share with your Twitter followers. Enjoy!


  • 27.6% text more often than call (tweet)
  • 44% say smartphones make communications more impersonal (tweet)
  • 46.8% use smartphones to receive text messages with offers (tweet)
  • 42.2% use their smartphones as a coupon (tweet)
  • 31% want to receive text message coupons on their smartphones (tweet)
  • 67% find location based coupons on smartphones useful (tweet)


To view all of the results from the study, you can download the full report.

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