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Radio Station – 50,000 Monthly SMS Interactions

Radio Station SMS Marketing

Looking for a radio station SMS marketing case study? Look no further, as we have a great radio SMS marketing case study from our friends right here in Seattle, KUBE 93 FM. The radio station offers a mix of personality-driven DJs and current-based hit driven R&B/Hip-Hop music. The studio is actually very close to Tatango’s main office here in Seattle, in the Belltown neighborhood.

Ok, enough background, let’s get to the radio SMS marketing case study. The radio station, which is owned by Clear Channel launched their SMS marketing campaign on the short code 97373 back in August of 2004, making KUBE 93 one of the first radio stations to use an SMS short code to interact with their listeners. The radio station is constantly running SMS campaigns on the short code 97373, and we’ve listed some of the more popular promotions that are running currently, or have run in the past.

  • Text-In Requests
  • SMS Instant Polls
  • SMS Contests
  • ‘Now Playing’ SMS Autoresponders
  • Advertiser Sponsorship Campaigns
  • Movie Tickets SMS Giveaways
  • Product Info via SMS
  • Community Service SMS Messages
  • SMS Song Alerts
  • Event Text Messages

Since the radio station has been running the SMS campaign since 2004, you’d be right in thinking that the SMS campaign is a hit with both the radio station and their listeners. It’s reported that KUBE 93 consistently generates 50,000+ SMS interactions per month on the short code 97373, from all their different promotions they run. It’s also reported by the radio station that SMS contests have had as much as a 25% participation rate, meaning that for certain SMS contests, 25% of all listeners entered the contest by texting the short code 97373. Also, the radio station usually sees thousands of those contest entries within only the first few minutes of announcing it on the air. Pretty impressive, keep up the good work KUBE 93!

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