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Seamless Advertises SMS Promotion In New York City Taxi Cabs

One of the biggest questions we get asked by marketers at Tatango is where they should be advertising their SMS promotions? The simple answer is everywhere, but some marketers need some examples to get their creative juices flowing. Luckily for them, we have a pretty good example today to share with our readers from our friends at Seamless, who took to the streets of New York City when advertising their new SMS promotion.

As you’ll see in the two images below,  Seamless advertised their SMS promotion, which was an offer to receive $5 off food delivery in the New York City area, on the digital screens in the back of New York City taxi cabs. The advertisement told taxi riders to text “DISH” to the SMS short code 467467 to receive the SMS promotion.

Seamless SMS Promotion Example

Seamless SMS Promotion Example 2

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