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Retail Text Message Marketing Guide – Free Download

Are you a retailer interested in text message marketing? Did you know that the average text message marketing list size for a retail location should be somewhere between 2 – 10% of your email database size? Did you know that on average, retail text messaging campaigns have a 2.9% subscriber churn rate, or that text messages sent by retailers during the week have a 1.8% subscriber churn rate, whereas text messages sent by retailers on the weekends have a staggering 8.5% subscriber churn rate? If you didn’t know this fact, it’s no problem, as this fact and many others about how to run a successful retail text message marketing campaign is included in Tatango’s free retail SMS marketing guide.

The best part about Tatango’s retail text message marketing guide is that it’s completely free to download right here.

In this free SMS marketing guide, you’ll learn how to grow your text messaging customer database, how to develop text messaging strategies, objectives, and offer types, and most importantly how to measure your retail text message marketing efforts. In addition, you’ll also find a bunch of retail text message marketing case studies & examples that you can learn from.

What are you waiting for? Download Tatango’s free guide to retail text message marketing here, or by clicking on the guide below.

Retail SMS Marketing Guide



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