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Restaurant SMS Marketing Guide – Free Download

Are you a restaurant interested in SMS marketing? Did you know that the average SMS marketing list size for a restaurant location is 791 customers? If you didn’t know this fact, it’s no problem, as this fact and many others about how to run a successful SMS marketing campaign for your restaurant is included in Tatango’s free restaurant SMS marketing guide.

The best part about Tatango’s SMS marketing guide to restaurants is that it’s completely free to download right here.

In this free SMS marketing guide, you’ll learn what restaurant SMS marketing is, and why it’s so important. You’ll also learn how to best acquire restaurant customer’s phone numbers, restaurant messaging strategies, objectives and offer types, and how to measure your restaurant’s SMS marketing efforts. That’s not all though, in the free SMS marketing guide, you’ll also get access to tons of restaurant SMS marketing case studies & examples.

What are you waiting for? Download Tatango’s free guide to restaurant SMS marketing here, or by clicking on the guide below.



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