Report Text Message Spam to 7726

Report Text Message Spam to 7726Bad news for text message spammers today. The GSMA, which represents the interests of 800 of the world’s mobile operators in 219 countries, has launched a pilot program to allow consumers to report text message spam.

The GSMA Spam Reporting Service, which is operated on behalf of the GSMA by Cloudmark, Inc., will analyse SMS traffic and identify and aggregate reports of misuse submitted by mobile subscribers of participating networks. It’s pretty simple also, all you have to do is forward the text message spam to the short code 7726, which spells “SPAM” on your mobile phone.

Each mobile operator participating in the pilot will receive reports with data on misuse patterns, volumes and top originators of spam, regionally and worldwide. This is great news, especially after the release of our text message spam statistics showing that 68% of consumers have received text message spam on their mobile phones.

Don’t get too excited though at this news, this is only a reporting tool, the carriers will still have to take action against the text message spammers. As we’ve seen before, this can still be a lengthy process, that requires significant resources.

Be sure to check out the press release from the GSMA on their Spam Reporting Service.


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