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Redbox Tests Interactive Mobile Coupons on SMS Subscribers


When it comes to SMS marketing, Redbox is always trying new mobile marketing initiatives. Recently Redbox sent out a text message to their SMS subscribers, instructing SMS subscribers to click on a link on their smartphone, then to “scratch” for a surprise deal.

Below is the text message from the Redbox short code 727-272, that was sent to SMS subscribers with the instructions and a hyperlink to the mobile coupon.

Redbox Text Message

When the SMS subscriber clicks on the hyperlink in the text message, they’re brought to the following mobile website instructing you to “Scratch below to reveal a surprise.”

Redbox Mobile Coupon Example 1

As the SMS subscriber rubs their finger across the screen, they’re able to reveal the mobile coupon from Redbox.

Redbox Mobile Coupon Example 2

After a little more rubbing…

Redbox Mobile Coupon Example 3

After rubbing the entire screen, the SMS subscriber will have revealed the Redbox mobile coupon, as you can see below. Pretty cool huh?

Redbox Mobile Coupon Example 4

As we said above, Redbox is no stranger to trying new things when it comes to SMS marketing. Check out some of the SMS marketing initiatives they’ve launched in the past.


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