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Redbox Survey Helps Improve Text Message Marketing Efforts

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Redbox continues to impress us here at Tatango with their mastery of text message marketing, and with their new text messaging opt-out survey, they once again have proven they’re at the top of their text messaging game. As any reader of this blog knows, Redbox has a bunch of different text message marketing campaigns, but they all have one thing in common, and that’s if you reply STOP to the short code 727272, you’ll receive an opt-out confirmation text message. What makes this opt-out confirmation text message unique is that includes a hyperlink to a survey, asking past subscribers for help in improving the text messaging experience with Redbox. You can see below what happens when Redbox subscribers text STOP to short code 727272.
Text Message Survey - RedBox Example
When you click on the hyperlink within the Redbox text message, you’re taken to the following survey hosted by SurveyMonkey
Text Message Survey Example 2 - RedBoxTo help other text message marketers out there, we copied the survey prompt, and all the survey questions that Redbox asked subscribers that opted-out, and included them below. We recommend all text message marketers set up their own opt-out surveys, and to make things easy, you can use all or some of the reasons in your own survey that Redbox does.

We’ll miss you. Please tell us why you left so we can make improvements (select ALL that apply):

  • I wanted a promo code and received my offer.
  • I have trouble receiving text messages.
  • I get too many marketing messages in general.
  • I get news and deals from Redbox in another way.
  • I’m not interested in the offers.
  • Text messages may not be part of my plan.
  • I get too many text messages from Redbox.
  • I unsubscribed by accident & want to find out how to quickly rejoin.
  • I’m using other means to get entertainment.
  • Something else (please explain below).

Want more from Redbox? Check out some of the various text message marketing campaigns below we’ve written about here on the Tatango blog. Want to opt-in yourself to Redbox’s text message marketing campaign? Text JOIN to the SMS short code 727272.

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