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Have you ever used text message marketing to generate leads for your real estate listings? With the launch of Tatango’s new SMS Autoresponders, generating leads through text messaging has never been easier, and more affordable.

There are two parts to real estate text messaging with Tatango.

The first part is for the potential home buyer to request information about the listing via text message. They would do this by texting the unique SMS keyword associated to that listing to the phone number 68398. When done, they will receive an automated text message back to their mobile phone number, which you’ve set in advance. In this automated text message response, you have 160 characters and can include your phone number, in addition to links to mobile websites, photos, videos, social media profiles, etc.

The second part is how you’re able to turn your real estate text messaging campaign into a lead generation source. When a potential home buyer requests more information about a specific listing via text message, you immediately get an email with that person’s mobile phone number. With that phone number you are now able to follow up with the potential buyer with a phone call. To see what that email looks like, see below.

Real Estate SMS Marketing

See how other real estate agents are using text messaging, and be sure to watch this video tutorial on real estate text messaging.

Do you have a real estate listing that you want to generate more leads on? Start using text messaging to generate more leads for your real estate listings.


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