RadioShack’s Text Message Marketing Misleads Facebook Fans

It feels like I’m beating up on RadioShack this week, but these mistakes they’re making are great lessons for any company to learn from when launching their own text message marketing campaign. Also, these problems illustrate the importance of selecting a text message marketing provider that not only can send text messages (anyone can do this), but can also help navigate your business through mobile carrier, Mobile Marketing Association and CTIA guidelines.

While the last post was more of a suggestion to make RadioShack’s text message marketing better, this post deals with a gross violation of the Mobile Marketing Assococation’s U.S. Consumer Best Practices, that must be immediately addressed by RadioShack.

Below is the call to action for this specific text message marketing campaign on RadioShack’s Facebook Fan Page. First off, they are missing required information when advertising any text message campaign on the web such as additional carriers costs “Msg&Data Rates May Apply” and instructions on canceling or opting out of the service “Text STOP to stop”. See section 1.2-6 for more information. I’m going to pretend like I didn’t see this though, as this is commonly forgotten by newbies in text message marketing, and because there is a much more serious issue that needs to be addressed.

RadioShack Facebook SMS Marketing

When I follow the call to action by texting FAST to 74225, I receive the following text message to my mobile phone.

Mass Text Messaging RadioShack

The first text message is perfect, but as go to put my mobile phone away, I received a second message from RadioShack. Huh? WTF?

This second message tells me that I’m now joined to some “Txt 2 Save” program and will receive up to 8 messages per month! I go back to their Facebook post and see nothing at all about giving permission to RadioShack to opt me into a text message marketing subscription service for deals. Re-read their post on Facebook below, do you see anything about receiving future text message deals from RadioShack?

RadioShack Text Message Marketing Campaign

Misleading customers like this is a gross violation of the Mobile Marketing Assococation’s U.S. Consumer Best Practices, as it’s clearly stated that “Program advertising or its placement must not be deceptive about the functionality, features, or content of the underlying program (section 1.2-3).

All of this could have been easily avoided if they had consulted with an experienced text message marketing provider like Tatango before running this campaign. If RadioShack was our client, I would have had them create what we call a “double opt-in”. This means that after the customer is presented with the deal, they are then prompted to opt-in for future messages. See below for an example of what the text message would look like.

RadioShack SMS Campaign

While not everyone will subscribe to receive future messages, this way the customer isn’t forced into an ongoing text message marketing campaign. Most importantly though, the text message marketing campaign stays within the boundaries of the Mobile Marketing Assococation’s U.S. Consumer Best Practices.

On average, 37% of people will double opt-in from a text message marketing campaign like this, with some campaigns seeing as high as a 60% double opt-in rate.

Is your business not getting the expert advice it desperately needs from your text message marketing provider to make your campaigns successful? (cough… RadioShack) With Tatango you not only get a provider that can send text messages (again, anyone can do this), you also get 24/7 access to some of the brightest text message marketing minds in the industry.

Want to talk about your own text message marketing campaign and how we can help here at Tatango? Give me a ring at (206) 334-4012 and lets chat about what is working and what we can improve for you here at Tatango. Look forward to hearing from you.


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