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Pretty Little Liars Gains 100,000+ Mobile Opt-Ins

Talk about a successful MMS campaign! ABC’s Pretty Little Liars TV show used MMS messaging to capture over 100,000 of their most loyal fans mobile phone numbers all during only on season.¬†Pretty Little Liars captured these mobile phone numbers through an online sign up form, which can be found here. After signing up to receive these alerts, fans would receive MMS messages from “A,” (yea, she’s so cool her name is only one letter) one of the main characters in the show.

Pretty Little Liars MMS sign up

Through the MMS messages, viewers were given sneak peaks of the coming week’s episode, and exclusive texts from “A.” Overall, Pretty Little Liars’ MMS campaign increased audience engagement by 20 percent for just that one season, in addition to helping them build a mobile database of fans phone numbers for future seasons.

MMS messages are a great way to engage your most loyal fans, just as other companies like Avenue have done in the past.

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