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Political Text Message Donations Approved

Obama's New Text Campaign

Romney’s campaign may have had the cash advantage of $62 million over Obama at the end of July, but Obama just became the first presidential candidate to be able to accept campaign donations via text message. As of today, Obama supporters can now text “GIVE” to the SMS short code “OBAMA” (62262) to make a quick $10 donation right from their mobile phone.

Obama Text Donation

Campaign manager Jim Messina says that the Obama campaign relies heavily on the smaller donors and that “Grass-roots giving is powering this campaign.” The Obama team is hoping that this new text to donation initiative will encourage more donors, specifically young ones to participate.

Politicians have always been interested in collecting political donations via text message because of the success that charities have seen in the recent past, such as The Red Cross collected over $5 million dollars for Haiti.

With Obama announcing the use of text donations in his Presidential campaign, other politicians will be sure to follow suit. In fact, we’ve heard that Mitt Romney is about to launch his own text to donate campaign very soon, and we just hope it’s better than his first text messaging attempt.

Interested in launching a text to donate campaign for a political candidate? Be sure to first understand the rules about political text message donations, then contact us.


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