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Political Campaign SMS Fundraising in Federal, State, and Local Elections

Jan 29, 2021

Political Campaign SMS Fundraising in Federal, State, and Local Elections

Political text messaging campaigns played a huge role in the 2020 election. Whether the race was at the federal, state, or local level, many campaigns took advantage of political SMS marketing.

SMS messages create a safe space for open and honest conversation that makes a real impact. According to one study, one-third of Americans say their 2020 voting decision was impacted by campaign text messages. Of 1000 Americans surveyed, 31 percent reported that a campaign text message influenced them to vote in the general election, and 26 percent were influenced to donate to a candidate or political party.

Political campaigns from various parties used SMS messages to communicate with their supporters and help raise funds. Political candidates and organizations sent more than 5 billion election-related text messages in October 2020 alone. Fundraising is an essential factor in helping to spread the word and enact positive change with our federal government, at the state level, and locally.

The Tatango platform allows our political clients to speak directly to donors and create compelling political text messages to boost their campaign’s grassroots donation efforts, all while potentially getting an ROI of $5 for every $1 spent on text message marketing, on average.

In this blog post, we’ll share several methods to help boost your political campaign’s fundraising efforts for federal, state, or local races.


Subscriber Segmentation

No matter the size of your political campaign’s mobile messaging, everyone must grow their subscriber list in the same way. Some laws and guidelines dictate how to communicate with your constituents to avoid fines and suspensions. Candidates running in a federal election or local election are subject to the same laws regarding obtaining consent to text their supporters. Once you have a subscriber list, you can begin crafting compelling messages for your political supporters.

The message you send is a key factor in your political text message campaign’s success. Categorizing your subscribers into different audiences and demographics is also vital. Not every issue is equally important to every one of your political campaign constituents.

With the Tatango political SMS marketing platform, you can segment your subscribers into various categories to tailor messages directly to them. Personalizing your communications with subscribers helps deliver the most urgent messages to the right individuals and ensures that they’re able to join your fight by supporting your campaign financially. For example, if the campaign for a political candidate in a state election wants to send supporters a text message about the candidate’s education policies, the campaign can create an audience comprising those who have school-aged children. Or, if a federal-level presidential campaign needs support from a particular swing state, the campaign can segment constituents of a certain city, state, or zip code.

Whether your political campaign is on the federal, state, or local level, your SMS program will have multiple messaging strategies for different audiences. The Tatango SMS marketing platform allows you to segment your audience to send various messages and get the best fundraising results from your investment.

We understand that your fundraising directly correlates with how many individuals you can reach with your message and the change you can engage on the federal, state, and local levels. Our goal is to make communication with your audience simple and efficient, so you can focus on making your community a better place for every American.

Political Fundraising with ActBlue and Tatango - Subscriber Segmenting


Messaging Workflows

Now that we have discussed subscriber segmentation, which allows you to categorize your constituents and send them a compelling message that aims to elicit financial support for your cause, let’s talk about messaging workflows.

With the text messaging workflows tool within the Tatango SMS marketing software, political campaigns can create and schedule a sequence of messages for their various segmented audiences.

Messaging workflows allow scheduling, so messages go out to constituents periodically with reminders about media coverage, events, and important voting dates. For example, if a presidential candidate in the federal election has an upcoming debate, a scheduled SMS message can go out one day (or even one hour) before the debate to remind supporters to tune in.

Additionally, you can create action-based message workflows. For example, if a candidate for a local election sent a fundraising message and a supporter donated, a trigger created within the workflow automatically sends a thank-you message in response to the donation. These triggers can operate based on the integrations available with Tatango and various fundraising software (see the list below).

You can also create unique workflows that send the latest news and updates on your political campaign’s success to subscribers in specific segmented lists. This tool may be especially useful for federal elections that bring in large donations, or for local elections where you want to send updates based on city, state, zip code, or cause.

Tatango messaging workflows are a tremendous asset to every campaign. We understand that efficiency and high-yield fundraising results help campaigns of any size create meaningful conversations that enact change within our communities. Our goal is to provide your political campaign with an efficient, easy-to-use platform to help you do your critical work.

Political Fundraising with WinRed and Tatango - Messaging Workflows


Fundraising Software Integration

We understand that any political campaign, no matter the size, relies heavily on fundraising to connect with the American people. We’re also aware that most campaigns use a political donation tool. To help make mobile messaging for political campaigns more efficient, we’ve integrated our software with many of the political donation tools on the market.

Not every political donation tool is ideal for every campaign, so we’ve made sure that no matter what level or party your campaign is a part of, there’s an integration for you. Learn more about our political donation software partners:



ActBlue is an easy-to-use fundraising platform for any left-leaning campaign. Many candidates have used this platform in federal elections to gather donations, and ActBlue boasts that 13,543,057 Democratic donors have saved their payment information via the ActBlue Express account feature.

The Tatango platform seamlessly integrates with ActBlue to ensure your political text messaging campaign can raise funds efficiently and effectively.



WinRed is a GOP fundraising platform focused on helping right-leaning campaigns gather grassroots donations. Republican candidates often use this platform in federal elections.

Our SMS marketing software integrates with WinRed to help you easily craft political text message campaigns and efficiently grow grassroots funds.



EveryAction is a best-in-class, all-in-one fundraising platform and CRM dedicated to helping nonprofits and organizations.

One great feature of this solution is its ability to integrate with the Tatango SMS marketing software to help boost fundraising for political campaigns and various non-profit groups.



Anedot is a fundraising platform designed to gather donations for political campaigns, schools, churches, and other nonprofits. The software allows unlimited donation pages for any campaign or event. It utilizes simple drag-and-drop functionalities to quickly and easily build each page. Anedot largely focuses on safety and data, ensuring that donor information is secure and never sold.

Texting is one of the most effective ways to fundraise for political groups and organizations, and the Tatango and Anedot integration is the best way to go for smaller election campaigns.



NationBuilder is one of the most cost-effective political CRMs on the market. Their software powers organizations, movements, and campaigns. NationBuilder is simple to use with ready-made templates and a robust reporting mechanism to help you stay up to date on your fundraising progress.

The Tatango and NationBuilder integration has created one of the most affordable and efficient ways for organizations, movements, and campaigns to gather donations. This combination of systems is ideal for a state or local election, yielding great fundraising results at a low cost.


Partner With Tatango

Our goal is to offer every client the very best in technology and support. We understand that every industry is different and has unique objectives. Our team has dedicated political campaign experts that specialize in SMS messaging. A dedicated liaison will work with you to ensure you have an appropriate short code, and the right keywords, and most importantly, that you are compliant with all laws and regulations.

Our goal is to help you meet your campaign fundraising objectives. We’d love to chat with you to learn more about your vision and campaign. Our experts are standing by, and you can schedule a time to talk to a dedicated SMS marketing consultant at your convenience.

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