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One Text-to-Win Entry Per Phone Number

Since launching SMS Autoresponders here at Tatango, we’ve seen a lot of customers using them to run text-to-win campaigns. Last week we launched the Randomizer, which helps businesses pick a winner for their text-to-win campaign.

This week, we’re excited to tell you about another new feature to better help run a text-to-win campaign on Tatango. This new feature allows you to only accept one response per mobile phone number, which is perfect when running a text-to-win campaign. When someone tries to text message twice, they will receive the following response: “Sorry, only one text message per phone number.”

You will find this feature right below the box where you customize your Reply Message. If you have any questions about this feature or need any help running your own text-to-win campaign, contact us.

Text-to-Win SMS Marketing Product

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