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Oh No… My Competitor is Also Using Tatango!

If you’re a customer of Tatango, there is a chance that your competitors may start using Tatango after they see the success you’re having with SMS marketing. Don’t worry though, this isn’t the end of the world.

The biggest concern we hear from business owners is that they don’t like having the same short code (68398 – Tatango’s short code) as their competitor. This is understandable, but you have to look at the short code as the platform the campaign is running on. This isn’t much different than Facebook or Twitter.

Take for example two of the biggest competing brands in the world, Pepsi & Coca-Cola. Both of these brands are on Facebook as well as Twitter, sharing the same domains Facebook and Twitter.

Try to look at an SMS marketing short code as the domain of the platform, where the SMS marketing keyword is the domain extension, like www.facebook.com/pepsi and www.facebook.com/cocacola or www.twitter.com/pepsi and www.twitter.com/COCACOLA.


Facebook Pepsi VS Coca Cola


Twitter Pepsi VS Coca Cola

Some additional concerns from businesses when their competitors start using Tatango are addressed below.


  • Will my competitor be able to text message my phone numbers? No way, those phone numbers are yours and only yours.


  • Will the Tatango staff tell my competitor how my SMS marketing campaign is doing? Confidentiality is extremely important here at Tatango, we will never disclose anything about your SMS marketing campaign to anyone, including your competitors.


  • Will my SMS messages go out before my competitors because I’ve been a client longer? All SMS messages sent through Tatango are sent in the order they are received, no one gets preferential treatment.


  • Can messages get crossed if we’re both sending SMS messages to the same phone numbers? No, the Tatango system was designed to handle multiple SMS marketing campaigns per mobile phone number.


If you have any other concerns or questions about your competitor using Tatango, feel free to drop us a note.


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