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New Wireless Carriers Added to Tatango

Tatango SMS Providers

Today we’re excited at Tatango to announce that we’ve got the green light to send text messages to 10 new wireless carriers. While these wireless carriers only represent 40,000 subscribers in the United States, it’s good to know that nearly everyone can receive text messages from Tatango. Below is a list of the wireless carriers that we added to our SMS marketing platform today.

  • Syringa Wireless
  • UBET Wireless
  • Silverstar PCS
  • All West Wireless
  • NNTC Wireless
  • CTC Telecom, Inc
  • FMTC
  • Snake River PCS
  • South Central Communications, Inc.
  • Breakaway Wireless

For a full list of wireless carriers that Tatango can send text messages to, click here.


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