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Musician’s Friend Rewards Customers With MMS Coupon

Musician's Friend MMS Coupon

Looking for a great example of a brand that is using MMS coupons? If so, let us present to you Musician’s Friend, a subsidiary of Guitar Center, one of the largest chains of musical instrument retailers in the world. They’re using MMS coupons to reward customers when they join the Musician’s Friend Mobile Alert Program.

To sign up to receive Musician’s Friend Mobile Alerts, and their initial SMS coupon, simply visit http://www.musiciansfriend.com/subscriptions. Once on the page, you’ll want to enter your first name, your last name, select “Mobile Alerts”, and then enter your mobile phone number. You can see a screenshot of this page below, in addition to the Musician’s Friend text message terms & conditions that you’re agreeing to when signing up to receive text messages from Musician’s Friend. For the full Musician’s Friend text message terms & conditions, click here.

By providing your mobile number above, you are signing up for the Musician’s Friend Mobile Alert Program and agree to receive up to 12 messages per month. Messages and data rates may apply. Text HELP to 56500 for help. Text STOP to opt out. Visit 56500.mobi for terms & conditions.

Musician's Friend Mobile Alerts Signup

After clicking “Update My Preferences, you’re sent an opt-in confirmation text message from Musician’s Friend’s dedicated vanity short code – 56500. This text message from Musician’s Friend asks you to reply “YES” to join MF Mobile Alerts. The text message states the number of text messages you can expect from Musician’s Friend after opting in, in addition to giving you information about how to stop messaging (Text STOP to end), how to get help (Text HELP for help), and that Msg&Data rates may apply. The reason Musician’s Friend uses an opt-in confirmation text message, which requires you to reply “YES” before opting in, is to prevent text message spam. If for some reason a customer mistypes their mobile phone number into the form when signing up, an opt-in confirmation text message will prevent mobile phone numbers from accidentally being subscribed to the Musician’s Friend Mobile Alert Program. You can see this text message below.

Musicians Friend Text Message Confirmation

When you reply to the opt-in confirmation message with “YES”, you receive an SMS message in return, welcoming you to the Musician’s Friend Mobile Alert Program. You can see this welcome text message below.

Musicians Friend Text Message Confirmation 2

Immediately after receiving the welcome text message from Musician’s Friend, you receive an MMS message. The MMS message you receive contains the MMS coupon, in addition to a website link, that when clicked, pre-populates your unique coupon code into the order form. Pretty cool huh? You can see the MMS message below.

MMS Coupon Example - Musicians Friend

When you click on the MMS coupon, it opens full-screen on the mobile phone. One of the unique parts about this MMS coupon from Musician’s Friend is the fact that each MMS coupon code is unique to the mobile phone number. This means that if you opt-in, you’ll receive a different MMS coupon code then the next person that opts-in. The reason retailers such as Musician’s Friend does this is to prevent MMS coupon code fraud. In MMS marketing, MMS coupon code fraud is when a coupon code specifically for new mobile subscribers is used by customers that never opted into the mobile marketing campaign, or used by the same customer multiple times.

To prevent MMS coupon code fraud, retailers like Musician’s Friend will send unique MMS coupons to each new mobile phone number, and when the MMS coupon code is used for the first time in-store at the point of sale, or online, that specific MMS coupon code is deactivated. Once an MMS coupon code is deactivated, it’s no longer valid, meaning future attempts to use that coupon code will be unsuccessful. In my specific case, the unique coupon code I received in the MMS message was “t757c000x8v7”.

MMS Coupon Example 2 - Musicians Friend

Want proof that each new mobile phone number that subscribes to the Musician’s Friend Mobile Alert Program receives a unique MMS coupon code? I subscribed to the mobile program using a different mobile phone number, and as you can see in the MMS message below, I received a completely different MMS coupon code then I received on the mobile phone number I originally used to subscribe. The first MMS coupon code I received was “t757c000x8v7”, where the second MMS coupon code I received on the new mobile phone number was “t757i01vq4wr”. See how each MMS coupon code is unique for each mobile phone number?

Musician's Friend MMS Coupon Code Example

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