Mobile Keyword Mistake

Check out the advertisement below, see how this car dealership is using two words “My” & “Lexus” combined as “MyLexus” to create their mobile keyword? What a lot of newbies to SMS marketing don’t realize is that the mobile keyword “My Lexus” WITH a space, is very different from the mobile keyword “MyLexus” WITHOUT a space. Why? It’s pretty simple, computers aren’t as smart as humans and usually can’t deduct intent of what a customer is trying to do. If you tell a computer that your mobile keyword is “MyLexus” WITHOUT a space, it’s either exactly that, or nothing at all.

SMS campaign to Text MYLEXUS to 90210

Why should you care though as a business owner, it says “MyLexus” WITHOUT a space in your advertisement, why would customers add a space between the two words? Well you would be surprised. At Tatango we analyzed a SMS campaign with 500+ mobile subscribers that was using a mobile keyword that consisted of two words combined, WITHOUT a space. What we found was that 9% of customers added the space in-between the two words when opting into this specific SMS marketing campaign.

Graph of subscribers opting in through mobile keyword

Lesson Learned: To avoid all of this confusion, use only one word for your mobile keyword. If you must use two words, be sure to register your mobile keyword WITHOUT a space and also WITH a space. This will make sure that you don’t miss any potential new subscribers to your SMS campaign.

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