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Lowe’s SMS Autoresponder Increases Credit Apps

Is your business using SMS autoresponders? If not, here’s a great example from Lowe’s about how they’re using SMS autoresponder to increase credit card applications in-stores.

As you can see in the in-store advertisement below, Lowe’s was advertising that customers engage with their SMS autoresponder by texting “APPLY” to the Lowe’s short code 84215 on their mobile phones to apply for a Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card.

Lowes SMS Autoresponder Example

As you can see in the text message below, when Lowe’s customers texted “APPLY” to the SMS short code 84215, they received a link via text message to apply for the Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card. What you’ll notice about the link in the text message is that it includes “cmpid=text”, which means Lowe’s is able to accurately track the amount of credit card application that started out engaged with the SMS autoresponder when they texted “APPLY” to 84215.

Lowe's SMS Autoresponder

When Lowe’s customers click on the hyperlink in the text message, they’re taken to a mobile landing page, where they can apply for the Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card, as you can see below.

Lowe's Mobile Coupon

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