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Kroger RCS Business Messaging Examples

RCS business messaging is an up-and-coming messaging format that allows businesses to communicate with consumers in a more creative, responsive, and interactive way than standard SMS marketing. It’s estimated that 86% of smartphones will soon be RCS-enabled, allowing your brand to use this wide array of new tools in your messaging. Below, you’ll see how one top brand—Kroger—is already using RCS business messaging.


What is RCS Business Messaging?

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services, a more robust and varied form of messaging than traditional SMS (Short Message Service) messaging. While SMS texting is limited to 160 character messages, RCS messaging supports features similar to what you’d see on Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp. This new protocol allows for video chats, interactive media, and other associated tools.


Kroger RCS Business Messaging Demo

Below is a video of Kroger’s product-searching feed using RCS business messaging.

If you prefer to see images instead, below is Kroger’s brand page in Chat, an RCS business messaging platform. The page is fully branded, and contains a link towards Kroger’s terms and conditions.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Kroger Grocery Stores 1

In the image below are the initial prompts for Kroger’s RCS business messaging sequence. The consumer is given a carousel of prompt buttons to choose from, which makes the RCS feed feel more like an app experience than a standard text message.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Kroger Grocery Stores 2

When the consumer enters in a prompt such as “Latest Coupons”, the Kroger RCS Chat provides a link to the existing coupons on the Kroger website. The Kroger Chatbot then asks again, “Welcome to Kroger Chatbot, how may we assist you?”

RCS Business Messaging Example from Kroger Grocery Stores 5

If a consumer asks for dinner recipes, they can see a scrolling carousel of recipes, each with a link to the appropriate webpage or document. This adds tremendous value, in that consumers can come up with a grocery list based on recipes they search for within Kroger RCS business messaging, before they head to Kroger to do their shopping.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Kroger Grocery Stores 4If a consumer selects “Best Year Ever” from the Kroger RCS business messaging Chatbot, then Kroger shows a variety of categories around eating healthy and getting fit. If at any point the consumer wants to go back to the main menu, then can simply select “Main Menu” and return to their options.

Learn More About RCS Business Messaging

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