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Justin Bieber Launches Text Messaging Campaign

Justin Bieber SMS Campaign

You know text message marketing has gone mainstream when even Justin Bieber is launching a text messaging campaign. On October 30, 2015, Justin Bieber tweeted to fans to “Call me 231 377 1113 on my cell phone”.

Justin Bieber Hotline Remix Text Message

Fans that called the phone number were greeted by Justin saying “What do you mean it’s not like that? Oh, you’re sorry?” Bieber says over the track’s beat. “Well, where are you now that I need you? But girl, lemme just tell you something”, and then launching into his very own remix of Drake’s popular song Hotline Bling. After the remix is over, an announcer is heard plugging Mr. Bieber’s album, Purpose, which launches on November 13.

The best part… The announcer then tells fans to press one to “stay in touch with Justin’s bling-bling”. After pressing one, the mobile phone user is opted-in to Justin Bieber’s new text messaging campaign.

Can’t get through to Justin at (231) 377-1113, no worries, you can still opt-in to Justin Bieber’s text messaging campaign by texting PURPOSE to the dedicated short code 28259 on your mobile phone. If you aren’t aware, “Purpose” is Justin Bieber’s new album title. You can see below what happens when you text PURPOSE to the shortcode 28259.

In the first text message, it requires fans to “Reply YES to optin”, in addition to promoting his new album “Purpose”, and even gives fans a hyperlink to pre-order the album. After texting PURPOSE to 28259, the text messaging campaign thanks fans for signing up, and tells new subscribers that they’ll be receiving up to 5 text messages per month.

Justin Bieber Text Message

Are you a big fan of Justin Bieber, or maybe just an interested SMS marketer? I’d highly recommend texting PURPOSE to 28259, as this text messaging campaign is most likely going to be pretty fun to follow.

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