Jack In The Box SMS Redemption Rates 3-5X Greater Than Email Marketing

Jack In The Box SMS Marketing Redemptions

I like to spend my weekends pouring through industry marketing reports, in hopes of find awesome SMS marketing statistics for you all. This last week I was reading the 26 page Forrester report written by Julie A. Ask and Douglas Roberge, titled Create Mobile Moments With Messaging, and came across a mention of how Jack In The Box SMS redemption rates compare to their email marketing redemption rates. How much great were their SMS marketing redemption rates?

In the Forrester report, Jack In The Box reported that their SMS marketing redemption rates for coupons were 3-5 times higher than the redemption rates for coupons sent through email marketing. That’s pretty impressive! It’s no surprise though that our friends at Jack In The Box are doing so well in regards to their SMS marketing redemption rates, as they’ve constantly been pushing the boundaries with their SMS marketing. Just look at how well they’re advertising their SMS marketing campaign on their website, or how they’re nailing the concept of giving consumers an incentive to opt-in to receive SMS coupons from the restaurant, by giving away free tacos.

What’s even more crazy than Jack In The Box reporting that their SMS marketing redemption rates were 3-5 times higher than email marketing redemption rates is that this isn’t abnormal in the quick service restaurant industry. For example, a Placecast survey found that 26% of consumers that have received SMS promotions have attributed their in-store purchase back to the SMS promotion. What’s even better is that but 32% of SMS recipients attribute their visit to the store back to the SMS advertisement.  As an added bonus, SMS promotions drive 21% of recipients to recommend the store to others.

Check out the other quick service restaurants below, who all are experiencing extremely high SMS marketing redemption rates.


menchies sms marketing redemption rates


To capitalize on Menchie’s CEO’s appearance on the television show Undercover Boss, the frozen yogurt franchise wanted to offer fans their their first 5 oz. of frozen yogurt for free during the weekend of October 26. To do this, this told fans to text MENCHIES to the short code 35350 during the airing of the television show. 41,000 fans during the airing of the television show took out their phone to request the SMS coupon from Menchies. Pretty good if you ask us! What’s even more impressive is that 14,430 of those fans that requested the SMS coupon from Menchie’s visited a franchise location during that weekend to redeem the SMS coupon. That’s nearly a 30% redemption rate for that one SMS coupon! [read entire SMS marketing case study]


papa murphy's sms marketing redemption rates

Papa Murphy’s

Text message deals like a $5 Chicken Bacon Artichoke pizza generated SMS redemption rates of more than 9%, while deals like a $5.55 taco pizza on Cinco De Mayo (5/5) generated SMS redemption rates of 11.5%, and half-off pizzas generated SMS redemption rates north of 12%. But the highest redemption rates Papa Murphy’s saw with their SMS campaign was with a $5, 3-topping pizza, which generated a 17.9% SMS redemption rate. [read entire SMS marketing case study]


Texas Roadhouse sms marketing redemption ratesTexas Roadhouse

The Texas Roadhouse SMS campaign was advertised within 20 Texas Roadhouse restaurant locations, and branded as their “TextUs Loyalty Club”. To encourage customers to opt-in, Texas Roadhouse offered a free appetizer to new TextUs Loyalty Club members. This tactic is extremely popular with new text messaging campaigns, as 44% of customers are willing to provide personal information like their mobile phone number, in exchange for a reward, coupon or deal. The SMS campaign generated an average redemption rate of 17% during the first six months of the campaign. [read entire SMS marketing case study]


Carl's Jr sms marketing redemption rates

Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr. sent a text message promotion to customers on May 14, 2013, in which they offer a $6 burger combo for only $2.99. Not only did this specific SMS campaign generate a 19% redemption rate, Carl’s Jr. generated $14 in new sales for every $1 they spent on this campaign. [read entire SMS marketing case study]

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