Jack In The Box Offers Free Tacos to Join SMS Marketing Campaign

Jack In The Box has been doing an amazing job this year advertising their SMS marketing campaign, starting with devoting a huge amount of website screen real estate to getting customers to sign up for their mobile offers. Now Jack In The Box has started advertising their SMS marketing campaign to customers using their drive-thru, with an offer of two free tacos when a customer opts-in to receive their mobile offers. See below for their SMS marketing call to action.

Jack In The Box SMS Marketing Campaign

Not only is this a great example of where a brand can advertising their SMS marketing campaign, it also capitalizes on the fact that 44% of consumers are willing to provide personal information like their mobile phone number, in exchange for a reward, coupon or deal, like free tacos. The best part is that even with an attractive offer like free tacos to encourage customers to opt-in to their SMS marketing program, we’ve found that on average 97.7% of those customers will remain subscribers even after receiving the initial promotion.

One thing to be aware of though is that there’s a fine line between offering an attractive promotion to get new SMS subscribers, and tricking your customers into becoming an SMS subscriber. For more information on how to walk this fine line, watch this video.

So what happens when you text “JACKSB” to 31278? You can see below.

Jack In The Box MMS Promotion

Jack In The Box MMS Coupon

When you click on the image in the text message, you’re presented with the coupon for your free tacos, which you show the cashier to redeem. Pretty cool.

MMS Marketing Promotion

With 791 customers opting-in on average per QSR restaurant location, don’t you think it’s time to contact the experts at Tatango and see how we can help make your QSR SMS marketing campaign a success?


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