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How To Avoid This Casino SMS Marketing Mistake

Recently mobile marketing for casinos has been a hot topic, so much so that our friends at Mobile Marketing Watch launched mGamingWatch, a blog dedicated to keeping a close eye on the pulse of the mobile gaming industry. With casinos exploring mobile marketing, including SMS marketing, you can bet there’s going to be some mistakes that are going to made, which is why we blog so much here at Tatango. By reading our blog and learning from other’s mistakes, you’ll be able to avoid many of the most common SMS marketing mistakes that can cripple any campaign from the very get-go.

One of the most frustrating parts though about blogging for this reason, is that many of the SMS marketing mistakes we write about are continuing to happen. Take for example this casino’s SMS marketing mistake we spotted.

Yep, if you read our blog you know what’s coming…

Casino Text Messaging Example

Seriously!!!??? It was only a couple weeks ago that I wrote an 820 word blog post about this mistake, and other SMS marketing mistakes that we continue to see. As a rule of thumb, never put quotation marks around your SMS keyword! This is especially true if your SMS marketing provider doesn’t accept quotation marks around their SMS keywords, which is the case with this casino’s SMS provider. I’m still not sure why SMS providers haven’t figured this out yet, as it was almost a year ago that Tatango became the first SMS provider to accept quotation marks around SMS keywords. You think giving other SMS providers a year to catch up to Tatango would be sufficient…

SMS marketing for casinos is already exploding over in the UK with 89% of casinos using SMS marketing, so it’s only a matter of time before the majority of US casinos are piloting SMS marketing campaigns. My concern is that casinos that are new to SMS marketing, and have yet to read our blog, will launch their SMS marketing campaign, only to find out later that they’ve made a mistake.

As we said above, the reason we love to blog here at Tatango is to make sure brands can learn from the mistakes of past SMS marketing campaigns, so as to not repeat them in the future. If you’re a casino looking to launch an SMS marketing campaign, please contact us¬†here at Tatango so that we can help you avoid these common mistakes. Also, if you’re a casino with an existing SMS marketing campaign run by another SMS provider, get in contact with us too. We’ll review your SMS marketing campaign from the top to bottom, making sure everything is looking good, and I swear we won’t try to sell you on anything. We just want to make sure your casino SMS campaign is successful, as successful SMS campaigns help everyone in our industry, including us.


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