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How Small Nonprofits Can Leverage SMS for Greater Efficiency

How Small Campaigns Can Leverage SMS for Greater Efficiency

Running a small campaign can be challenging. When you’re fundraising for a political candidate or nonprofit organization, sometimes your marketing budget will only go so far. At Tatango, we know efficiency is the name of the game. Make your resources count. If you’re ready to raise as much support as possible and crush your goals, SMS text message fundraising is a must.

With a small team or a one-person operation, it’s easy to spread yourself too thin while trying to reach supporters and grow your campaign. Sending emails, advertising on billboards, buying TV, radio, and social media ads, and experimenting with other marketing strategies will quickly burn through your resources. Luckily there’s another option. SMS text messaging marketing is a flexible and efficient way to build support and connect with supporters—and it requires minimal resources.

In this blog post, we share three techniques small campaigns can use to take advantage of the benefits and efficiency of SMS marketing. Keep reading to see how SMS text message fundraising can help your campaign succeed, no matter the size. 

Why Use SMS Text Message Marketing?

Unlike traditional marketing methods, which typically require a hefty budget, text message fundraising is highly effective and scalable for any size budget without sacrificing success. Among the options available, an SMS text message marketing platform, like Tatango, is essential. About 78% of consumers say SMS is the fastest way to reach them, and 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being received. SMS has the highest open rates of any communication vehicle (a whopping 99%!), making text-to-give an impressive and indispensable marketing and fundraising tool.

SMS text message marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective tools available today. With SMS, organizations can communicate faster and directly, keeping their focus on time-sensitive issues while raising funds to advance their missions. SMS also allows supporters to stay engaged with your organization, respond quickly, and donate within seconds from a device they always have on hand. This direct line of communication can significantly impact your campaign’s success and your supporters’ sense of connection to your organization.

With integrated donation links, video clips, and other engaging content, SMS text messaging can deliver a 500% return on your fundraising investment. That incredible ROI is a game-changer, especially for small campaigns. 

SMS text message fundraising offer a 500% return on your investment

3 Ways Small Campaigns Can Leverage SMS for Greater Efficiency

Below are ways that small campaigns can leverage SMS to raise record-breaking donations — no extra time involved.

Build Your Subscriber List

A campaign is nothing without a robust subscriber list. With the right platform partner, building your subscriber list is easy. Tatango can help you select an SMS phone number and quickly integrate it with your website. Whenever someone fills out a form and opts in online, their information automatically syncs with your SMS program, and you can begin messaging them immediately. You can also promote your SMS subscriber lists in other places—at in-person events and on your website, merchandise, signs, and other materials. Your subscriber list will rapidly grow as people start interacting with your organization.

Form on nonprofit website with a field to enter a phone number

Send Engaging SMS Text Messages

Since your subscribers have already shown interest in your campaign by texting and opting in, you can start sending them updates, reminders, and other messages. Just make sure your texts are clear and offer value to recipients so they’ll stay focused on your message. Work with industry experts like Tatango to help you identify the best timing and strategy for maximum engagement and donations.

MMS message with image: "Exclusive sneak peek! Your donations are making a difference for ocean wildlife. Now chip in $10 to support plastic cleanup in Jacksonville, Florida:

Measure Your Results and Make Changes

Your campaign will be more successful if you track and analyze your results. Review your metrics and data regularly to optimize your campaign’s SMS strategy and get the best ROI possible. Use the built-in analytics features on the Tatango platform to analyze trends and fine-tune your campaign in real time. Then, based on this information, make adjustments to increase your engagement and open rates and get the results you want. 

SMS text message marketing and fundraising aren’t just for large-scale campaigns. With a secure, reliable, and efficient platform like Tatango, campaigns of all types and sizes can bring in donations and surpass their goals. Focus on growing your subscriber list and sending well-crafted text messages, and you’ll set up your political cause or nonprofit organization for future growth and success. 

Add Tatango to Your Marketing Workflow

We’ve made it easy for you to jump-start your SMS text message marketing campaign no matter the size of your organization. To learn more about all the ways Tatango can help elevate your SMS marketing, contact our text message marketing experts today.

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