How Do Retailers Acquire Customer’s Mobile Phone Numbers?

Retail Store

Ever wonder how retailers collect customer’s mobile phone numbers? So did Experian, which is why they surveyed more than 100 of the world’s largest leading retailers, and asked them how they collect their customer’s mobile phone numbers for text message marketing. Below are the results from the Experian survey, on what percentage of retailers used the following methods to collect customer’s mobile phone numbers for text message marketing.

  • Web Form: 58%
  • Email: 47%
  • Mobile Opt-in: 43%
  • Point of Sale: 37%
  • Print Campaigns: 32%
  • Social Media: 31%
  • Rewards Preference Center: 13%

What’s interesting to note is that in this study, it was found that advertising your SMS call-to-action in-store had a 2.3 – 3.2% conversion rate, which was higher than the conversion rates achieved through email marketing, website, or television advertising.

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