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Green Space

Ever wonder where Tatango is based out of and what type of office we work in? Tatango, Inc. is based in Bellingham, WA. Bellingham is the mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, the music and art scene and small business owners, like Tatango’s CEO Derek Johnson.

With the growing interest in being “green” and environmentally conscious, Tatango is helping reduce its effect on the environment by working in a LEED Gold certified building, Kateri Court. The building was built with the aim of being water- and energy-efficient. The project team for the building also focused on using environmentally friendly material with having them be from regional/ local businesses and using recycled content materials.

We help reduce our effect on the environment by recycling, being conscious of turning off lights when not in the room, setting our computers to “energy-saving” mode and sometimes riding a bike to work instead of driving (when it’s not raining – it is Washington after all).

What do you do towards helping the environment?

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