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Text Message Call-To-Action

For some reason, the mall is a great place to spot text message marketing errors such as this SMS keyword mistake, which I found on the same trip as the advertisement pictured above. When creating a text message call-to-action, never forget to include why someone would want to pull out their mobile phone and interact with your text messaging campaign.

In the example above, you have to ask yourself, why would someone want to text TESTS to 30364 on their mobile phones? By interacting with this advertisement, is a mall goer being entered into an SMS contest, making an SMS donation, requesting more information, signing up for text message alerts? With no information as to why, I doubt this text message campaign will receive more than a handful of text messages, as mall goers and consumers in general like to know what they’re agreeing to before they take action, especially when it has to do with their mobile phone number.

For a good example of a text messaging campaign making a clear and extremely attractive call-to-action, check out Seattle Sun Tan’s text messaging campaign, and be sure to read this post on the one statistic that every SMS marketer should know.


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