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Gillette Text Message Ordering Explained

Gillette On Demand Text Message Ordering

Text message ordering is extremely popular right now. For example, Dominos recently launched the ability for consumers to place their next pizza order by text messaging the pizza emoji to 374992. Now Gillette is getting into text message ordering with their launch of Gillette On Demand, which allows consumers to order new Gillette blades by simply sending a text message.

Interested in text message ordering for your own business? Learn how Gillette is using text message ordering below.

Gillette On Demand Text Message Ordering - 1


First off, why did Gillette think text message ordering was a good idea? The Gillette On Demand text message ordering service was inspired by surveys of consumers who cancelled their shaving subscription club subscriptions. One of the reasons they found that consumers left, was that they ended up with too many blades. By implementing text message ordering, Gillette is giving consumers the ability to quickly order new blades, only when they need them.

As Mark Jeffreys, Brand Director at Gillette, said…

“Ordering blades has never been easier than we’re making it today. This new service puts them in control without having to choose between convenience and flexibility, or between great quality and value.”


Through Gillette’s new On Demand program, text message ordering is simple. The first step is for consumers to select their blade (see screenshot below).

Gillette On Demand Text Message Ordering - 5


Once the blade is selected, the next step is for consumers to select when they want new blades delivered to them. To enable the text message ordering option, consumers have to select the “On Demand” option. A screenshot of this webpage is below.

Gillette On Demand Text Message Ordering - 4


Once the Gillette On Demand account is created, consumers are then prompted to enable text message reorders. To enable Gillette text message reorders, a consumer has to submit their mobile phone number, and some information about their shaving habits, which helps Gillette send appropriately timed text message reorder reminders. A screenshot of this webpage is below.

Gillette Text Message Order Setup Process


When that information is saved, the consumer receives a confirmation text message from Gillette, from the short code 252-337. The text message says the following.

Welcome to Gillette On Demand text-to-reorder service. Reply YES to enroll or HELP for support. We’ll reach out 2-3 times a month. Msg & data rates may apply.

When the consumer responds to the short code 252-337 with “YES”, they receive the following confirmation text message.

You’re all set. Text BLADES to 252337 next time you want to reorder fresh blades. Text STOP to stop reminders or HELP for support. Msg & data rates may apply.

Both of these Gillette text messages are below.

Gillette Text Message Ordering 1  Gillette Text Message Ordering 3


That’s it, now a consumer can simply submit their text message order by texting “BLADES” to the short code 252-337 to reorder Gillette blades. Want to see how that works? See below for what happens below when a consumer texts “BLADES” to the short code 252-337.

Gillette Text Message Ordering 4   Gillette Text Message Ordering 5


When the hyperlink is clicked in the text message, it sends consumers to a mobile optimized page with details about their recent razor purchase from Gillette. You can see this mobile optimized page below.

Gillette Text Message Ordering 6

Does text message ordering work though? Yes. A few days after placing our text message order, we received our new Gillette razors in the mail. You can see the Gillette On Demand packaging below.

Gillette Text Message Reorder Box Opened

Gillette Text Message Reorder Box Opened 2


While text message ordering is great for Gillette, it’s only great if consumers know about it. That’s why Gillette has been heavily promoting their new text message ordering program. You can see some of Gillette’s most recent commercials below touting their new On Demand text message ordering program.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts about Gillette’s new On Demand text message ordering program in the comments below.

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