Fuze Launches Text To Win Caribbean Vacation Contest

Fuze recently launched a text to win contest across major movie theaters in the United States, encouraging moviegoers to text “FUZE” to 26739 on their mobile phones to enter to win a luxury vacation for four people to the Caribbean. You can see their promotional material below, which was placed strategically at the concession stand cash register within the movie theater.

Fuze Text Messaging Contest

The one thing that Fuze could have done better with in regards to their promotional materials, was to have the text to win call-to-action bigger. I’ve enlarged the text to win call-to-action below, but in the image above, you can see it’s pretty hard to see. With a call-to-action that small, Fuze most likely missed out on a considerable amount of engagement with their text to win campaign.

Fuze Text to Win Contest

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