Learn how to use text message marketing for free

I received the following text message this morning from a new restaurant client at Tatango.com While some that view the glass half empty will consider SMS marketing not free, I like to view the glass half full. This means I see SMS marketing as a free service. You may be asking yourself though, if Tatango charges a monthly subscription fee, how the heck can it be a free service?

It’s actually pretty simple as the text message points out. This restaurant owner is paying $49/month and has already covered his monthly SMS marketing costs with the additional revenue brought in from his SMS campaign on week one. Now that’s he’s covered his SMS campaign costs for the remainder of the month, he’s now able to send weekly SMS campaigns to his customers at no cost. AKA Free Bulk SMS.

Learn how to use SMS marketing for free

Below is an example of how another one of our Tatango customers was able to use free bulk SMS. Not only did this SMS campaign not cost them a dime, they received a staggering 19X return on their campaign.

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