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Find Out How The Chicago Bulls Were Able to Launch A Free Text Messaging Campaign

Smartphones are great for many things. Quickly scanning through sports apps to find the score for your favorite team may not be one of them. That’s why many sports teams, like the Chicago Bulls, are using the benefits of an SMS campaign to quickly update their fans about the score.By texting “SCORE” to the vanity short code 28557, which spells out “BULLS” on your mobile phone, fans can instantly keep track of the latest Chicago Bulls scores on their mobile devices. Fans can also send a text message with the last name of their favorite Chicago Bulls player to see how they’re doing. How cool is that?

Chicago Bulls Text Message

What’s really interesting about the Bulls’ SMS campaign is what’s at the bottom of the text, which says “Provided by BMO Harris Bank.” By partnering with BMO Harris Bank, the Chicago Bulls are able to offset the cost of running a text messaging campaign with advertising from a third party. This is a win-win for everyone, especially the fans as their able to get their scores and player highlights at anytime with only a simple text message.

We’ve seen a lot of sports franchises starting to explore text message marketing to connect with their fans, like the recent MLB text-to-download campaign powered by Tatango, which helped the TBS increase app downloads for their MLB’s social dugout app.


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